by Peggy Archer
illustrated by Anne Wilsdorf
Schwartz & Wade (Random House) March 20, 2018
ISBN: ISBN 039955677X (ISBN13: 9780399556777)

inspiration for A HIPPY-HOPPY TOAD

The inspiration for A HIPPY-HOPPY TOAD came from a walk in the park. As my husband and I walked along the path at Quail Ridge Park in St. Charles county, Missouri, we saw a very tiny toad sitting in the middle of a big wet spot, originally a puddle from the rain the night before. Immediately the words started popping into my head! When we got home I wrote down the rough start of the first verse. The story kept it's place in my head as I continued to work on other manuscripts that I had started.

The second half of the story came along after another walk in the park the following spring. Our grandson was with us and he wanted to venture off the paved walking path onto the dirt path into the woods. It only took a second or two to realize that it was covered with hundreds of teeny tiny toads! That was all the inspiration that I needed to put TOAD as my number one writing project! Many revisions later A HIPPY-HOPPY TOAD came to life.



From the illustrator of the award-winning Sophie’s Squash comes a rollicking read-aloud featuring a very tiny toad who gets displaced as animals–and humans–brush past him on the road.

In the middle of a puddle
in the middle of a road
on a teeter-totter twig
sat a teeny-tiny toad.
Snap! went the twig!
Up went the toad!
And he landed on a tree
by the side of the road.

It’s hard to be a tiny toad minding your own business on a twig. First a bird pecks at him. . . . Then a bee buzzes. . . . Then a dog barks . . . and so on. And each time the toad is surprised by a buzz or a woof (or the toe of a sneaker!), he hops to a new location farther down the road. With fun sounds, clever rhymes, and an irresistible rhythm, this is the perfect story for sharing one-on-one or in a group. -Random House

A Hippy-Hoppy Toad won the 2015 Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Work-in-Progress Award for picture book text.

About the illustrator

Anne Wilsdorf''s illustrations for Sophie's Squash were described as "bursting with color and energy on every page" in a starred review from Booklist. She has illustrated numerous books for children, including Sophie's Squash Go to School, the sequel to Pat Zietlow Miller's Sophie's Squash, as well as Susan McElroy Montanari's My Dog's a Chicken, Elizabeth Bluemle's Dogs on the Bed, Eileen Spinelli's The Best Story, Sharon Arms Doucet's Alligator Sue, and Lenore Look's Ruby Lu series.