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Children's Author Websites and Blogs

I thought that I would share, once again, the websites of some of my friends who write for children. Some are famous, some are not. All are wonderful writers, and many are good friends.

Indiana was my home for most of my life, and I met some wonderful children’s writers there. Following are a few of their websites.

Katie Mitschelen:
Visit Katie at her author blog site, Droppings, then check out her chicken blog, Fowlin’ Around at:

Peggy Reiff Miller:
Peggy’s passion is the seagoing cowboys. Visit her website to learn about Peggy and her writing. Then click on the link to go to her Seagoing cowboys website and read stories from some real cowboys:

Judith L. Roth:
Visit children’s author and poet at her website.

Kristi Valiant:
Wonderful author/illustrator of children's books.

Helen Frost:
Award-winning YA author and poet.

When I started out in SCBWI, some of my first contacts were authors in our neighboring state of Illinois, specifically in the Chicago area.

Esther Hershenhorn:
You can find Esther’s smiling face and information about her on her website. Then link to the Teaching Authors website where she and five other children’s authors blog about writing and things related to writing for children:

Heidi B. Roemer:
Visit Heidi’s website, then check out Wild About nature where she and two other children’s authors blog about non-fiction books for children:

Carolyn Crimi:
Visit Carolyn’s website for a peek at the humor that matches the style of her hilarious picture books for children.

Since I’ve moved to Missouri, I’ve met some other wonderful children’s authors. Here are some websites to check out.

Sue Bradford Edwards:

Cynthia Reeg:

Katie Gast:

Lynda S Burch:

Shannon Moore:

Some other author websites that I enjoy are:

Alexis O’Neill:
An awesome website for anyone who does author visits to schools.

Greg Pinkus:

Debbie Ridpath Ohi:

Bruce Hale:

Chris Cheng:

Kenn Nesbitt:

I hope you have fun surfing the web for these and other children’s authors!
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