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There's Corn in Indiana!

There's corn in Indiana as you can see on the left, and also below! I hope you enjoy my corny riddles for writers (answers at the end--copyright Peggy Archer 2010).

1--What was the author's favorite baby toy?
2--Why did the author sit under the light bulb?
3--Where do vampires go to write?
4--Why did the poet give his book away?
5--What kind of books do carpenters write?
6--What did the mailperson put on when the temperature got cold?
7--How does a musician write a bestseller?
8--How did the bird tell everyone about his book?
9--Why did the journalist sit outside his cubicle to write?
10--How may writers does it take to change a lightbulb? (from a screenwriting email list)

In my pink striped pajamas
I’m a poet with a pen.
In my pin_ striped pajamas
I’m on line 2,010!
In my pi_ _ striped pajamas
I keep writing, but I thi_ _
That I’d better get a pencil
‘cause I’m running out of_ _ _!

Quote & advice for writers: "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop."
--Corn-fucius (aka Confucius)


1--Writers blocks
2--He was waiting for a bright idea.
4--It was free verse.
5--Board books
6--a Cover letter
7--He writes noteworthy fiction.
8--He tweeted.
9--He was thinking outside of the box.
10--Only one, but it needs a spectacular twist at the end.

I'm running out of 'ink'!
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