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Peggy Archer
Award-winning Children’s Author

When she is not writing for children, Peggy enjoys speaking to young people and adults at schools and conferences. Below is a list of her presentations. Other presentations or workshops not listed can also be arranged by contacting the author.

Peggy is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI), a former Assistant Regional Advisor for Indiana SCBWI, and former PAL coordinator for Missouri SCBWI. She is also a member of the Author’s Guild and the Indiana Writers' Consortium.

She lives in Valparaiso, IN.

Author Presentations

Author Presentation Examples

Below are general descriptions of some presentations that I’ve given in the past. Any of the sessions can be adjusted according to age level, and to fit your need. Most school or library presentations last from 45 minutes to one-hour long. I use a power point presentation, and all sessions include time for questions.

For students or families and adults:

1— From Idea to Book: the making of a picture book (for any age):
How a picture book grows from the idea to the finished book: Uses visuals to show how the book grows through different stages until it finally becomes a finished book.

2— Writing Poetry (may be adapted for elementary students through high school):
Using language, rhythm and rhyme when writing a poem: Uses visuals from her own picture books and other authors’ books to show how to use poetic tools when writing a poem.

3— Writing Fiction—From Beginning to End! (may be adapted for elementary students through high school):
Where ideas come from, characters, plot and the ‘what if’ factor, using detail to ‘show’ instead of ‘tell’ your story, and the illustrator’s contribution.

4— An Author’s Journey (for students, families, or adults):
From reader, to nurse, to mom, to published author! The life of an author—Is it fun? Is it hard? What about rejection? How do you get your book published? And more…

For older students or adults:

1—Picture Book Writing Workshop—for older students or adults; may cover one or both parts of the workshop:

Part I—The Nuts and Bolts of Writing a Picture Book
Includes a look at genres and writing techniques and tips. Uses examples from the author’s published picture books and other picture books.

Part II—Revision and Marketing
Includes tips on revision, market research, and how to submit your manuscript.

2—Show and Tell—for adults or older students; can be adapted for groups with writers of all genres, including writing for children or for adults:

Tips on how to ‘Show, instead of Tell’ when writing a picture book or novel. Learn ‘Why’ we want to show instead of tell, ‘What’ we want to show our readers, and some tools to help us accomplish that. Examples from published picture books ‘show’ how those tools are used to show and not tell. Then, if time allows, you can try your hand at making that connection with the reader without telling them what’s happening. This can be 1 ½ hours, or a half-day presentation.

3—Writing Poetry for Children—workshop for adults or older students:

Main focus is on rhyme, and how to use language, rhythm and imagery to create an emotional experience. How to make your rhyme ready for the editor. Depending on the amount of time allowed, this presentation covers writing a collection of poems, a picture book verse, or a single poem. The amount of material covered depends on the time allowed, which may be a single 90-minute presentation, or a full day workshop.

Author School Visit fees:

Full day—2 to 3 presentations: $700
(Full day may be shared by 2 schools in the same area)

Half day—1 to 2 presentations at the same school: $450 (available only within one hour from Valparaiso, IN or in addition to another author event in the same location)

Evening presentation (single presentation): $400 (within one hour from Valparaiso, IN)
Evening Family presentation combined with a full-day school visit at the same school: $1000 total
Evening Family presentation combined with a half-day school visit at the same school: $700 total

Young Author Conference: $700 


Virtual Author Visits--Contact the author for presentations and fees. You would need to provide digital access to Zoom or other venue for the program.  

Contact the author with 'Virtual Author Visit' in the subject line: cnparch@gmail.com 

Each presentation is 45 to 60 minutes long
Additional fees may apply for author visits outside of Indiana 
Travel discount for school visits in the St. Louis area  
Contact the author for other types of presentation fees

Additional costs:
Lunch provided by school with a full day author visit
Mileage and meal allowance costs for visits over 1 hour from Valparaiso, IN 
Hotel or lodging costs for visits over 1 hour from Valparaiso, IN (depending on terms of presentation(s))

Discount for additional school visits: $100 discount per school if more than one school in the same area books on consecutive days; schools may share additional costs.

Book Sales:
Each school that invites me to do an author visit will receive one copy of my latest picture book.
I would be happy to autograph any of my books at the time of my visit.
Discounts on the author's books are offered by the publisher to schools hosting an author visit, and teacher discounts are often offered by local bookstores. Books may also be offered at a discount online.

Contact the author for fees for adult presentations at: cnparch@gmail.com

Presentation Testimonials

St. Paul's Catholic School, March 2023 

It was a pleasure having Peggy Archer visit our school.  She was relatable, engaging, and a delight to listen to.  Our students thoroughly enjoyed her book "A Hippy-Hoppy Toad" how she came up with the idea, and learning about what it takes to be an author.  I would highly recommend inviting her to your school.

Doreen Rokosz-Librarian

St. Paul's Catholic School

Valparaiso, IN 46383


IL SCBWI South Chicago Network, September 2022 

I thought Peggy's Presentation was bubbly and up beat. It was fun hearing her speak so personally. 

Steve Stec, attendee 


Bernard Middle School, November 2019

"Mrs. Archer's visit was wonderful! She shared her experiences of being a writer with our middle school students. She was engaging, friendly, and gave them several useful tools to use in their own writing. Our students were excited to meet a real author, and Mrs. Archer gave our students a glimpse into the world of professional writing." ~Jennifer Conrad, Sixth grade English Language Arts teacher, Bernard Middle School 


Saturday Writers presentation, Word Power, October 2019 

"Peggy Archer's workshop on "Word Power" presented valuable information to writers. A hand out was included as well as a list of books to reference. She covered so many topics from rhythm to "show don't tell" to meter to descriptive words... I could go on and on. She kniew her subject matter... A real pleasure to hear from a published author." ~Pat Danna, writer  


White County Creative Writers' Conference
I --Shhh! Don't Tell!
II --Using Rhythm and Rhyme to Make Your Poetry Sing
September 2, 2017

“Peggy's delightful zeal for children's books came through in every moment of her workshop presentation, and made it abundantly clear why she has achieved such great success in her chosen field of literature.”
Angela Harrison, Writer

“I found the ‘Show, Don’t Tell’ presentation very helpful. It has application for beyond picture books.” Gary L. Breezeel, Writer

“Even though ‘Show, Don’t Tell’ was taught from the perspective of children’s picture books, she did a fantastic job making the information relevant to my work in teen fantasy. Great job!”
Sandra Boutwell-Falcone, Writer

“Children’s writer Peggy Archer uses words in the same manner as Norman Rockwell used paint and brushes to tell a story. She infuses her characters with life, action, and a personality that makes them as recognizable as your next door neighbor, all the while telling a captivating story that leaves the reader satisfied, but wanting to know what new adventures lie ahead in her next book.” Del Garrett, Writer/Editor/Publisher

Kansas/Missouri SCBWI
Poetry Workshop

March 11, 2017

“Peggy is a wonderful poet who inspires me to write in verse and not to give up.” Marla Iffrig, writer

“A precision wordsmith who is able to teach.” Phyllis Wheeler, Editor

“Peggy’s experience and expertise gave me insights to improve my writing, and confidence to submit my work.” Leah Rubin

“A great primer for the poet striving to improve their work. Thanks, Peggy!” Lisa Lorenzetti

“Peggy Archer goes above and beyond to make both her books and her presentations the best they can be.” Bridget Schaefer, writer

“Peggy is super talented, but relatable. I feel that this workshop improved my writing and gave me the confidence to go for it and send those editors some poetry—as soon as I get it perfect!” Trish Piazza, MS-CCC/SLP, author

“Great tips to improve and make my rhymes shine! I’m not as scared of poems now.” Andrea

“I wasn’t sure if this workshop would be too much for me as a beginner. It wasn’t, to my surprise. It was helpful for all levels.” Tammik—beginner!

School and Library Presentation Testimonials:

"One of the highlights of the presentation was when the children got to speak with the author one on one. Ms. Archer took time with each child during the book signing. The children liked how she asked about their pets and was so friendly. She has such passion for kids and the books she writes for them." -Katie Belcher, 2nd grade Teacher and Mom, Boone Grove Elementary School

"Mrs. Archer had a fantastic powerpoint presentation! She related well to our kindergarten through 5th grade students and took time to answer questions and speak to every student individually as she signed her books for them. I got many positive comments from both parents and students...." -Laurie Gustke, 1st grade Teacher/Young Authors' Conference coordinator, Boone Grove Elementary School

“Archer offers rich insight to beginning writers to help inform, inspire, and ignite us into getting our pieces published!” –Cindy Nash, author and 4th grade teacher

“If your area ever needs a good person to teach people in a community about how to become a great writer of children's picture books - call Peggy!” –Cheryl Chapman, children’s writer, retired teacher

“Peggy power-packed into 2 ½ hours a full day’s worth of information. The handouts were great, the question and answer time very informative, and the two workshops well organized....” –Donna Frisinger, author

“It was a great presentation—informative for the students who are writing and interested in writing.” –Beiriger Elementary School, Griffith, IN

“Peggy’s presentation was just delightful and enjoyed by everyone. It was so nice to have the author of a very special book, Turkey Surprise, honoring a beautiful holiday that tends to get lost in the shuffle.” –Westchester Library, Chesterton, IN

“Archer's enthusiasm for children's literature and the whole writing process was inspirational to our students.” —Fiona McCarroll, Media Specialist, Solon Robinson Elementary, Crown Point, IN

" The students at VCA had a blast listening to Archer read Turkey Surprise. They liked interacting with the author, and found out how diverse the foods are that we eat at Thanksgiving. The older students also enjoyed learning about the process involved in writing a book and getting it published." –Cheryl Wooten, Parent, Victory Christian Academy, Valparaiso, IN

“Peggy Archer has a thorough knowledge of poetry essentials. She provides
students with examples of elements and helps them to explore the impact of
rhythm and word choice.”—Charmaine Wierzbicki, English Teacher, Calumet High School, Gary, IN

Contact Information