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Twisted Tongue Twisters

Ten Twisted Tongue Twisters

Do you have a problem overcoming overuse of alliteration in your children’s stories? Do character names trip off your tongue like “Tiny Tommy Turtle?” Do your titles rock to the rhythm of “Rita Raccoon and the Rattletrap Rattlesnake”? Well, here’s your chance to change all that! Take some time out and try these ten twisted tongue twisters and see how fast you reform.

One weary writer whiting out his writing.
Two choosy teachers choose children’s chapter books.
Three free critiques.
Four cool quick facts.
Five fine poets refuse to pursue prose.
Six short stories on a short shelf.
Seven spell checkers check spelling errors.
Eight easy-reader writers writing easy-readers.
Nine nice novelists notice no mistakes.
Ten tongue-tied typists typing in italics.

by Peggy Archer, oringinally published in OUAT magazine Read More 
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Sprucing up Flowerbeds and Manuscripts

Happy St. Patrick's Day! What a beautiful day today is. I actually went for a walk outside with no coat on! The grass is green. Spring flowers are poking through the ground. Tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer.

I need to get rid of last year's dead growth to make room for the flowers coming up, and rake the leaves out of the bushes. Soon I'll be able to plant new flowers, too. If I plan it right, I'll have a beautiful garden that will last until the snow comes again.

Manuscript revision is sort of like that, too. I need to go in and pull out what's not working, and rake out the unnecessary words that are cluttering up the story. Then I can plant new words, and watch my story grow. If I plan it right, Read More 
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Math and Poetry?

A former teacher, and fellow writer, put the thought into my head that math and poetry are related. It's something that I never thought of, but what she said kind of makes sense.

Math is a science. It gets to the point, or the answer, using the shortest route to get there. When doing a math problem every step counts, or you end up with the wrong answer.
Poetry gets to the heart of things, using the shortest route, with meaningful words, without explanations. In poetry, every word must count.

There is a pattern to math, just as there is in poetry. The pattern of a poem creates its rhythm. Read More 
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Aspiring Picture Book Authors

On Saturday I spoke to an amazing group of close to 50 aspiring picture book authors. All of us are authors, some published and some not yet published. All of us are aspiring, some of us hoping to be published for the first time, and some of us hoping for that next book. Read More 
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