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Another New Year and Resolutions

Is it 2011 already?! I'm still catching up with 2010!

It seems like my New Year's resolutions never change. At least not very much. I fall short of my goals. But each new year I start over. Some recurring resolutions include:

Read more
Write more
Submit more
Read all of my newsletters as soon as I get them
Read more blogs, author sites, etc.
Update my wesite more often and more fully

But maybe I should look a little closer at what I DID accomplish last year. Some things were:

Read a few books.
Wrote a few first drafts and revisions.
Submitted and had a poem published in Humpty Dumpty magazine.
Eventually read all of my newsletters.
Kept up with my weekly blog, most of the year.

And things accomplished, not on my list of new year's resolutions:
Joined Verla Kay's message board
Joined JacketFlap
Signed up for google analytics
Joined the speakers directory on SCBWI
Made a speakers video for the SCBWI directory (still waiting for that to be added)
Joined twitter (I don't know if I'll ever post there, but I'm on!)
Had my first Book Launch Party!
Did numerous author visits since NAME THAT DOG! was released in April
Attended the National SCBWI conference in LA (WOW!)
Signed up on GoodReads and posted my first book reviews.
Had my first online author interview on Janet Fox's website (http://bit.ly/9h0zPI), and again on the IWC website (http://www.indianawritersconsortium.org/).
Changed email service (a big job)

Personal events:
Our 6th grandchild came along!
Our daughter's wedding!
Branson with my sister and her husband
Las Vegas for the first time

Looking back over all that I DID acomplish is inspiring! So look out 2011! I'll be seeing you there.  Read More 
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Grandkids and Picture Books Waiting to be Written

I'm writing this from St. Peters (near St. Louis), as I'm waiting for our newest grandson to arrive. My husband is fending for himself while I get to spend time with our kids and the grandchildren that we don't get to see often enough.

What fun hanging out with 2 and 3 year-olds! What imaginations they have already! They enjoy the most simple things, and notice the smallest details. The things that picture books are made of.

I'm working on my new year's resolutions. I've joined jacketflap, a community of people who have an interest in children's books in some way (visit me at http://www.jacketflap.com/parcher), and posted on my facebook page. I brought books to read, but will read some children's books here first. It's at least a start on those goals for 2010.

I still have a hard time remembering to write '2010' but it's off to a good start! Read More 
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