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Happy Birthday, Kids Ink!

Talking to young readers and their dad who were there to join the birthday party.

Happy 25th Birthday to Kids Ink Children’s Bookstore! Thank you for promoting children’s books and supporting children’s authors for a quarter of a century.

I love independent bookstores. They’re warm and fuzzy. It’s like family. The staff is creative and loaded with enthusiasm. The people who browse and shop there are so friendly. And let’s face it, where else do you get to autograph the bathroom wall?! Seriously, check it out!

I was invited to join in on the celebration, and a couple of weeks ago my husband and I drove down to Indianapolis where Kids Ink is located. I signed copies of my picture books, got to talk to writers and artists and readers of all ages, and schmooze with the staff and other children’s authors who were there. Janna Mathies signed copies of her picture book THE GOODBYE CANCER GARDEN, and Nathan Clement signed copies of his newest picture book, JOB SITE. My own picture books NAME THAT DOG! and FROM DAWN TO DREAMS were there for the signing.

Congratulations, Kids Ink, and many more years to come!
Find Kids Ink on facebook at www.facebook.com/pages/Kids-Ink-Childrens-Bookstore/84267983634
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