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Peggy's Pages BlogĀ 

The Other Side of Being an Author

Last week I attended the Indiana Writers Consortium dinner event on the Business of Writing. The company was superb, and the food was great. It was nice to meet new friends and spend time with the old ones.

I learned more about the not-so-much-fun side of writing-- the business side of writing. It's the part that horns in on your writing time. The part that makes you keep records, and sets deadlines. The part that defines you as a serious writer.

I love speaking to students and young children about my books and writing, and to adults about writing for children. The business side says I have to let people know that do this, including the what's and how's. I hope that my website and blog is a good start. And I hope to see you at your school or library, or at an event for children's writers, one day.  Read More 
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