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Time Out for the Wedding!

My post is rather late this week, and not entirely focused! I'm still in down time after our daughter's wedding on Saturday. We welcome a new son into our family! It was a wonderful wedding, and a great day to celebrate two wonderful people.

Second to celebrating the bride and groom, children really make weddings such fun. Sarah and Chad had two ring bearers, both going on four years old, and a flower girl who was two. The boys were each to carry teddy bears wearing ties and holding rings, down the aisle. One left his at home so the other gave him his bear and decided to carry his favorite horsey instead. The flower girl, who looked like a bride herself, smiled and walked down the aisle, princess style.

A few hours later, with a few more kids at the reception, the dancing couldn't start soon enough. They danced before dinner, would have danced during dinner, and danced again with renewed spirit after dinner! Later they probably danced in their sleep.

Oh, to be a kid again! To carry your new friend's teddy bear down the aisle for him. To walk down the aisle with that familiar old blue horsey to give you courage. To eat the icing and leave the cake. To dance when no one else is dancing. To sit on the floor when you're tired.

Oh, to feel like a kid again! Their innocence, their energy, their smiles and inhibitions will do that to you.  Read More 
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