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Countdown to Christmas, Day 6: Christmas Cards

Day 6: December 19th
Today I was getting the last of my Christmas cards ready to mail. I know, it’s only six days away! These last few are the ones that I put a personal letter into, so they wait until the end.

There are so many different kinds of cards. There are religious cards, the strictly ‘happy holiday’ cards. Cards with Jesus and the holy family, snowmen, and cozy homes pictured surrounded by snow. My middle daughter makes her cards with little cut-outs that she pastes onto the card! They’re beautiful. There are cards with photos of families or the kids (I love to get those). And there are the cards with letters enclosed that tell what’s happened during the past year.

My daughter showed me a card that they had received one year that was a ‘family letter’ but it was hilarious. Not the typical letter of how everyone is doing and what they did that year. My sister-in-law asked for funny stories from family to put together for their card this year. I hope she got a good response, and I can’t wait to get it.

If you were to write a Christmas letter to put into a card, and wanted it to be ‘original,’ how would you write it? Would it be funny? A collection of riddles? A game of some kind? Or maybe a re-make of a Christmas carol? It’s never too early to get started for next year!
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