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Children's Poetry Month

Poetry month is wrapping up, and I have been sorely lacking at blogging here. I hope you enjoy these bits and pieces related to children’s poetry, along with an original poem as my gift to you.

Some children’s POETRY TRIVIA:

1—This author has written several rhyming picture books with dinosaurs as the main character. My favorite, since I’ve been a school nurse, is this book that begins: “What if a dinosaur catches the flu? Does he whimper and whine in between each Atchoo?” Name the author and the book.

2—This author has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s most prolific anthologist of poetry for children, with 113 titles to his credit. Well known for his anthologies for beginning readers, his own books include Alpahthoughts, and Days to Celebrate. Name the author.

3—He is the author of poetry collections for beginning readers and picture books, including this book that includes animals such as the Spinachickens and the Bananaconda. Name the author and the book.

4—A short novel in free verse by Newberry Medal winner, Sharon Creech, this book about a boy and his dog is a favorite of mine. It includes a great Teacher’s Guide at the end of the book. Name the book.

5—What do lambs do when they won’t go to sleep at night? Find out in this picture book in verse by author, Alice McGinty. Name the book.

6—Wonderful rhyming shape poems take you through the seasons in this picture book by children’s author and poet, Heidi B. Roemer. Name the book.

7—A writer’s alphabet book published by Sleeping Bear Press, this book is written by children’s author Esther Hershenhorn, and is still a favorite of mine. Name the book.

8—Absolutely Angels, Poems for Children and Other Believers, is an anthology compiled by this former editor of Guideposts for Kids. She is the author of stories, poems, articles and books for children and adults. Name the author.

9—This poet, mostly known for her novels-in-verse and poetry for teens, has received numerous awards for her books which include Hidden, Crossing Stones, and Keesha’s House. Name the author.

10—This familiar figure is the imaginary author of nursery rhymes and fairy tales and has been well-known over generations. Name this famous author.

A few favorite WEBSITES:

Bruce Lansky’s Giggle Poetry
Some categories include: poetry class, poetry fun, poetry theater and word games. Giggle Poetry has been selected for the ALA great web sites award and the National Parenting Publications Award (NAPPA Honor).

Ken Nesbitt’s Poetry for Kids
Some categories include: funny poems, games, interviews, poetry lessons and a rhyming dictionary,

Rhyme Zone
An online rhyming dictionary. You can also search for synonyms, antonyms, definitions, homophones and more.


A poem is good for the soul. –Ralph Fletcher

Resist the temptation to rhyme.... For writers of rhyme, the bar of excellence is raised a notch or two because contrived, hackneyed rhymes are so easy to write—and so painful to read. –J. Patrick Lewis

What poetry does at its very best is to make the reader feel. Feel deeply and truly. —Jane Yolen

Poetry is speaking painting. –Plutarch

A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom - Robert Frost

ANSWERS to Children’s Poetry Trivia:
1—Jane Yolen, How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon
2—Lee Bennett Hopkins
3—Jack Prelutsky, Scranimals
4—Love that Dog
5—Ten Little Lambs
6—Come to My Party
7—S is for Story
8—Mary Lou Carney
9—Helen Frost
10—Mother Goose

Wishing you a Happy Poetry Month for 2012!
And leaving you with dreams of summer—

Fishing For a Bite

I’m tired of worms
Said the fish in the lake.
I’d rather have
Some chocolate cake,
A piece of cheese,
Or I suppose,
Some ankles, knees,
Or dirty toes.
So if you want
To get a bite,
Just cast your legs
In the lake tonight.
copyright Peggy Archer ( not for use without permission of the author)  Read More 
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Poetry Month Marches On!

Here are a few more websites to check out for National Poetry Month.

Rhyme Zone: a rhyming dictionary and thesauris.

15 Words or Less: Take the challenge by Laura Salas. Write a poem in 15 words or less, prompted by photos posted.

Alphabet Soup: a fun interview by Greg Pincus is one of the Poetry Makers featured on Jama Rattigan's blog this month.

Teaching Authors: check the latest blog by April Halprin Wayland on How I Wrote This Poem--a Poetry Writing Workout.

Enjoy! Check back next week for more on my latest school and library visits.

I hope to see some of you at the book launch for my picture book, NAME THAT DOG! Puppy Poems from A to Z  Read More 
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Poetry Blogs and Websites

It's Poetry Month, and I've discovered some great blogs and websites about children's poetry that I'd like to share.

1. Sylvia Vardell's "Poetry for Children" blog has a game of Poetry Tag going on! Each day features a different children's poet and one of their poems, which is linked to the poet before them. Go to http://poetryforchildren.blogspot.com.

2. Brown Bag Poetry features a poetry lesson plan by Kim Norman. Find it at www.kimnormanbooks.com.

3. Giggle Poetry's website is an award winning site for kids and adults who wish they were still kids. The site inclues poems, games, ask the poet, and much more. Check it out at www.gigglepoetry.com.

4. Check out poet Doug Florian's blog and get a sneak peek into his new book, Poetrees. Go to http://floriancafe.blogspt.com.

5. Caldecott Honor Award winner Joyce Sidman's website features a poetry challenge and poetry starters. Take a look at www.joycesidman.com.

More to come next week!  Read More 
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