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Peggy's Pages BlogĀ 

Oh the Possibilities!

For the past 17 years we been blessed with Esther Hershenhorn, Illinois SCBWI RA, whose catchy enthusiasm, positive thinking, and insight into the world of children's books has helped many children's writers and illustrators move forward. She encouraged us to tell our stories, pointed us in the right direction, and helped us to connect. Lucky me, that her generosity spilled over into Indiana. And now it's onward and upward, for Esther as well as for many of us who have been her friend. And oh, the possibilities! You've been a swell leader, Esther.

Last week writers and friends from New York to California gathered to honor Esther, along with her assistant regional advisor Heidi Roemer, as they passed on the duties of regional and assistant regional advisor. It was a great time, with original stories, songs and videos,and re-connecting with other writers we don't often get to see. Heidi, you've helped so many of us as well, generously giving your time and talent and helping us to reach higher. Always keep smiling!
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