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The Value of Music in Writing for Children

I write poetry and stories for children. I do not write music. Our son, Dan, and our daughter, Sarah, write and perform their own songs. Our son Kevin writes music. Maybe someday I'll give it a try. Of course it would be songs for children. My husband played drums and had a band in high school. All of our children play instruments, and some were in choir and musicals. I've learned how to line dance and to think rhythm.

There's a lot to be said for music if you write for young children. Rhythm, pacing, and a musical quality are important in picture books. .I listen to music, mostly country, and am often inspired by the rhythm and pacing of the songs. I already have the idea, sometimes the story, in my head. But the 'sound' of the story is important, too. So don't overlook the value of music when writing your picture book.

PS--If you're at the Lake Co. Fair in Crown Point, IN on August 16, watch for Sarah to be singing in the next round of the Colgate Country Showdown
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