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Writing a Picture Book--not as easy as it looks!

Last week I had the opportunity to meet April Pulley Sayre when she gave a talk about writing and her picture books in South Bend. I love the simplicity of her picture books, and the way that she presents facts in such an interesting & fun way. She makes it seem so easy, but it's not really as easy as it looks! I also enjoyed connecting again with old and new writing friends who were there.

For those of you interested in writing picture books, please see last week's blog entry about my up-coming workshop at St. Joseph College in Rensellaer on October 3rd.

And on November 7th, Indiana SCBWI will host our Fall conference, Focus on the Picture Book. The conference will feature an editor and an art director from Simon & Schuster Publishing Co. There will be portfolio displays during the conference, and a schmooze and open mic for reading manuscripts on Friday evening. For more information go to http://www.indianascbwi.com/events.html.

I hope to see some of you at one of these programs in Indiana this fall!
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