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Peggy's Pages BlogĀ 

Ghostwriting and Revision

This past Saturday Indiana SCBWI hosted an event for children's writers on Ghostwriting with Sara Grant, Editor at Working Partners in London. Sara talked about their projects and gave tips on sending an application, but she also offered a wealth of knowledge on writing the novel and revising your manuscript. It was a great program.

Some of you know Sara, who was our Indiana SCBWI regional advisor several years ago. A series of events took Sara to England where she eventually took the position of editor at Working Partners. It was so nice to visit with Sara, Trish and Katie after the program while we enjoyed the beautiful weather in Indy. We caught up on what's been happening with each other, and simply enjoyed each other's company. Time, as usual, was too short.

You can find more information about Working Partners and and their projects and how to send a writing sample and resume at www.workingpartnersltd.co.uk.

Thanks to my friend, Katie Mitschelen, who did the driving and for great company along the way!
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