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Peggy's Pages BlogĀ 

Christmas Greetings!

December always flies by so quickly! Decorating, baking, and remembering those who mean the most to us feels good. Part of the joy in celebrating Christmas includes my friends who write for children. I belong to two writers' groups. One meets every month and the other every other month. Both groups always meet in December with lunch or dinner followed by critiques.

Sharing gifts at these meetings has become a tradition. But not just any gift. We limit what we spend to $1, which means that we have to be very creative. The gifts are simple, but have meaning to us as children's writers. Usually a short greeting or an original poem is included to go with what we've chosen. This year I found small light bulb jars for a dollar which I turned into a "Bright Idea." It's really fun to see what everyone comes up with. These gifts are very special to us because they go from the heart of one writer to another.

To all of you who are reading this, I wish a Merry Christmas filled with love and all that means the most to you. For those of you who celebrate the holidays in other ways, I send my wishes for a blessed holiday.
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