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New Year's Resolutions!

It's that time again for making New Year's Resolutons! My resoluions always seem to be similar to the ones I made the previous year. But if I really think about it, they're a step up, and I've at least learned from my good intentions. Or maybe I'm just making excuses!

In 2010 I will-- or at least I intend to do-- the following:

Read one children's book and one grown-up book a month.
Submit a manuscript to a magazine or book publisher each month.
Finish the picture book manuscripts in my file cabinet--or at least some of them.
Learn more about facebook, post on my facebook page, and check my friends' facebook entries more often.
Check out Twitter, author blogs and websites on a regular basis.
Celebrate the arrival of my newest picture book, NAME THAT DOG! as it comes out in April.
Keep up with my e-mails!
Post on my blog more frequently.

I will at least attempt to do all of this, and at the same time
--totally enjoy our grandchildren, including our new grandson who will arrive probably some time next week.
--celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary with my husband.
--absolutely have fun at our daughter's wedding in May and our son's wedding in August.
--enjoy life as it comes around.

Happy New Year, and happy new year resolutions to all!
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