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The Rest of the Story...

In my last blog I gave a short wrap-up of what Esther Hershenhorn had to tell us about Getting Our Stories Right at the Indiana SCBWI program for children's writers. Writing is a solitary job, self-disciplined, and writing is a one-person job. Events for writers not only help us to become better at what we do, but give us a chance to connect with one another.

The Benton House was a beautiful setting for our program on October 9th. A warm fall day, with leaves of many colors, added to the atmosphere for a day of friendship and inspiration. And just in case there were people there that you hadn't met before, we all became a famous author for the day. With 'your famous author name' on your back, hints from others helped you discover which children's author you were. Pat Wheeler was the first to figure out her new identity.

Trish started out the program with some stretching to help limber us up. Then it was on to the first part of Esther's presentation.

Delicious snacking, book sales and schmoozing came during a break in the program. Then it was back to Esther for the rest of her Rx for Children's Book Creators.

Following the program, we got updates from Karen Kulinski on HoosierLinks, which is moving forward to connect SCBWI members across the state, and from myself with a short wrap-up of the SCBWI National Conference in LA this summer. Updates were followed by door prize give-aways, and a wonderful performance by Janna Mathies who played the piano and inspired us even more as she sang 'Why It Matters' by Sara Groves.

The day ended with a thank you to Trish Batey as she stepped down as Indiana SCBWI Regional Advisor, handing over the reins to Kristi Valiant, who took over as our new Indiana RA. Kristi gave an overview of plans for Indiana members in 2011 and heading into 2012.

Trish was then treated to a surprise, with thankful words and gifts, which included an SCBWI tote bag illustrated by Pat Cummings and signed by the founders of SCBWI, Lin Oliver and Steve Mooser. Tucked inside were SCBWI note cards, the new SCBWI baseball cap, a Writers Block with a Writer's Survival Kit, and a Jar of Inspiration filled with quotes from children's authors. Indiana members contributed to a Memory Book, with notes, illustrations, and memories of the past two years while Trish was at the helm.

Thanks, Trish! For your energy and enthusiasm, and for everything you did for Indiana SCBWI during your time as RA.

Welcome, Kristi! We couldn't have a better person to take over the lead as our new RA in Indiana.
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