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Book Review: The Cabooseman's Garden

Children's author, Karen Kulinski, loves trains! Her father was a railroad engineer. She is the curator of the Railroad Museum in her hometown of Griffith, Indiana. What better topic for her to write about than trains! The Cabooseman's Garden is her first published children's book.

by Karen Kulinski, illustrated by Eileen De Sando

Moving to the farm is not easy for Jack, but Tuesdays make all the difference. That’s the day that the cabooseman throws him chalk wrapped in newspaper comics and a small package of coal to help keep his family warm during the winter. Spring comes and Jack decides to thank the cabooseman by planting a garden next to the railroad tracks. It takes some creative thinking and determination to make it happen, but with Jack’s hard work, and a little help from his family, the garden is a success. Now the problem is how to let the cabooseman know that the garden is for him and that it’s Jack’s way of saying thank you.

THE CABOOSEMAN’S GARDEN gives readers a glimpse into life in the Midwest in the 1930’s, when every freight train ended with a caboose. Written with great action and dialogue, this book is for anyone who loves trains. The Flesch-Kincaid Grade level is 2.5.
ISBN-10: 1470087073
ISBN-13: 978-1470087074
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