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MOLE MUSIC by David McPhail

Mole Music
David McPahil has written and illustrated some great children’s books, but the one that I love the most is MOLE MUSIC (Henry Holt & Co. 1999).

“Mole has always led a simple life, but he feels something is missing. When he first hears someone playing a violin, Mole realizes that he longs to make beautiful music, too.” During the day Mole digs tunnels. At night in his home under the ground, he plays his violin. As he gets better, he wonders if his music could reach into people’s hearts, or even change the world.

In the watercolor and ink illustrations, McPhail tells another story, from a different perspective, that shows how Mole’s “music has an effect on others that is more magical than Mole will ever know.”

MOLE MUSIC is a wonderful story of hope and peace. It shows the difference one person can make in the world, and the wonderful influence of music on the heart.
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