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Children's Poetry Books Giveaway!

And the Winners Are…!

Today is the final day of National Poetry Month 2013!

Special thanks to Heidi Bee Roemer, Amy Sklansky, Judith L. Roth, and Donna M. Bateman for your enthusiastic responses to my interview questions! I’ll be looking out for what comes next from them. Click on the names or scroll down to earlier posts this month to read the interviews with these children’s authors and poets.

I have enjoyed blogging about poetry all month! I give lots of credit to those bloggers who post more than once a week. For me it meant extra time at the computer—reading, writing and researching. All of which I love, but it also meant less time for actual writing for children, and other things. I’m planning to be back here once a week, or as close to it as I can get!

And now it’s time for the drawing for my picture books, NAME THAT DOG! and FROM DAWN TO DREAMS. With the help of my long-time friend and writing buddy, Karen Kulinski, here are the winners!

NAME THAT DOG!—Judith Aldape

Congratulations! I will be contacting the winners for instructions of where to send the books.

Thanks to my friend, Judy Roth, for interviewing me on her blog this month.

And thanks to all the readers who joined me here this month, those who left comments and those who just came to read! I’ll be back in May—hope to see you then!
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