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Hooray for Cozy Independent Bookstores!

My husband and I recently took a relaxing trip to northern Michigan where we visited Mackinaw Island and then Traverse City and the surrounding areas. As always, I can't resist an Indie bookstore! My husband knows me well and is very patient as I pop in to say hi and look around.


 Here are some of the book nooks that we discovered along the way—click on the names for a link to their websites.   


On Mackinaw Island we found The Island Bookstore and the Mackinaw Island Library. I also loved browsing the books in the gift shops there.


In Traverse City on Front Street we found two wonderful independent bookstores—Brilliant Books and Horizon Books (with three floors! And a beautiful display of handmade quilts).


And in Sutton's Bay, where we met up with children's author Jeanie Ransom and her husband for dinner and ice cream, there was Bay Books. The photo here is a chalkboard out in front of the bookstore with a fun poem about books by Arnold Lobel.


There's always more to see than the main attractions when you wander around new places. Don't forget the Indie Bookstores when you travel!


Happy Reading to you!


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